The campaign «Take our money!»

Dear Partners and Webmasters!

For all of our partners, we offer a unique proposal: over a few months (from June 18 to October 31) each of our partner will receive 100% of OUR PROFITS (2 points per transaction) on the most popular currency pairs: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD and USD / CHF. For other trading pairs the partners’ reward will also be 2 points.

Here is a simple calculation. Let's say you have attracted a customer who opened the account in our Company for 500$. And this customer opens a position on the EUR / USD with lot (volume) 1.0, and pays the Company spread of 2 points, which amounts to 20$. All profit that we get from the client attracted by you - we transfer to you. So you immediately earn the same 20$ after the attracted by you client closes the position!

Suppose that a client opens1 transaction a day with 1.0 lot during a month. With this client you can earn a 22 * 20 = 440$ per month (with 22 trading days on average per month).

And that 440$ will be yours! And with only one client, who opens only 1 deal a day. And experience shows that many customers open 5-10 trades per day! Hurry up! Time of this proposal is limited!

To open an affiliate account - sign up on this page.

Once you get the data from your account, go to your personal area on our site, enter with your login and password, then fill in the form in the "Partners" section in your personal area to get the status of a partner.

After the manager approves your application for participation in the affiliate program, you will get your affiliate link and promotional materials.

If you have questions, please contact our technical support.

It is simple and profitable to work with the Company North-West Financial Broker!

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